Surviving my First Week

Bex, why are you awake at 1AM on a Saturday writing a blog post on an iPhone with only your thumbs?? Quality question, my friends and trusty readers! That would be because Thomas is home from med school so I’m spending the weekend at my parents' house in order to be closer to him and [...]


Tell Me Something Good

Hey Guys, You’ve met my friend Meg, right?  She made an appearance in an earlier blog post, but if you don’t remember: she’s a blogger too, but also, most importantly, she’s one of my best friends in real life. Well, Meg and I have been having a little bit of a mediocre time lately.  Between [...]

Getting Schooled

Have you ever looked back and thought: Man, I miss college- not the class part, but the rest of the college part?  I have, I definitely miss those freedoms of undergrad.  I’ve realized recently that I also miss the learning part too.  Growing mentally and challenging what I previously thought. And I’ve been having this [...]

Turn That Frown Upside Down

I had a rough week this week, guys.  Between work just being work, and having obligations every night (which I’m not used to), and feeling generally smothered by requests for my time – I couldn’t handle it.  Friday rolled around and I ran into a bit of trouble on my way home from work and [...]

Spartans and Siblings and Sweet pups – Oh My!

  Boy oh Boy guys, do I have a treat for you! Some weeks I sit down to write my blog and realize that I’ve taken absolutely ZERO pictures all week to accompany my wonderful words that I pour out for you.  NOT THIS WEEK. This week, I did some awesome things and took (or [...]

Rockin’ Raleigh

Last weekend I went up to Raleigh, NC, our state capital, for the 20th anniversary Rock ’n’ Roll half and full Marathon.  I only ran the half – I’m not ENTIRELY crazy.  However, I am a little bit crazy, because I did voluntarily choose to run 13.1 miles. Did I mention I paid to run [...]