Mugsy and my “Idea Guy” friend AJ

“Think Big. Dream Big.” – I have a T-shirt from my alma mater with that slogan on it, to match the Dream Big chairs we had on campus. In my four years at High Point University, I met some great people with great minds and great big dreams. One of those people is my friend [...]


Mamma [and] Me-A

I know Mother’s Day is in May, but I’ve spent a lot of time with my mom this week and I don’t think we tell our moms how great they are enough. Do you remember when Mamma Mia! came out in 2008? I thought that movie was the bee’s knees. I really love musicals in general, but [...]

Peas Out, Cub Scout

Believe it or not, as you are reading this, I am out of the country. Yes, again. Peace out, USA. Two months short of a year since my last excursion outside of the US, I’m at it again, crossing borders.  This time I’m flying across the pond with a bit more luggage in tow. My [...]

If it looks like poop, and it smells like poop…

If it looks like poop, and it smells like poop, and it makes you cry at least once – you may be looking at my week this week.   Uh, Bex… That’s both gross and not what we come here for… Yea, sorry guys. I’ve been in a weird funk all week. I even tried [...]

Bex, the Girl who Lived

Hey Guys, just for the rest of this blog post I’m going to perform a little magic on you.  We’re going to briefly forget EVERYTHING political going on for the next 500-ish words. No, Good sir/madam – I am not avoiding the inauguration or the Women’s Marches happening all around the world.  I’m letting them [...]