The Alphabet Trees

Once upon a lake, there was a forest of burnt orange and sunny yellow. Among the thick and numerous plain and boring trees there were those that spoke.  They whispered to the hikers that passed by.  Names, crude words, long-ago loves.  Things from the past that these trees saw but would never forget. The alphabet [...]


Do you like me? Yes or No.

Do you remember passing notes like this as a kid?  Maybe even into your high school years (some would argue that you’re still a kid at this point).  Handing the note over or having your best friend pass it along was easy – usually accompanied by weak, barely-meant protests and a fit of giggles.  You [...]

Llama see you later, Amigos

  Hola Amigos! As many of you know, I’ve been in Peru for the past 20 days – traveling the country, eating delicious food, having adventures.  I went on this trip expecting for these things to happen.  I went into this trip with the expectation of growth and knew that I would learn about myself, [...]