Travel Troubles with Bex

I suppose I’ve taken for granted that flying is easy peasy. Except for that one time that we almost missed our flight to Ireland, I don’t usually tend to have any problems. Leg 1: Philly to HarrisburgI was in New Jersey this weekend for a family reunion (which is the reason this blog is late) [...]


Crow and Cake

Before I tell you all about my week – I feel compelled to describe my current surroundings to you. It’s a Sunday morning. My supposed “drunkard” neighbors (that was gossip from the old man down the street who apparently watches everyone all day) are in the back yard in Hawaiian-looking getups, not yet arguing but [...]

Productivity at its Finest

I’ve found recently that I do my most productive work in short periods of time. At work, I’ve started tracking what I do during the day and I’ll say to myself “Bex, for this next hour you are going to do _____.” And that’s all I do. No checking emails, no miscellaneous tasks – just [...]

I always want to be Bayou

Last week I hinted that I was going on another adventure and boy did I go on another adventure! Thomas, his family, and I went to the Big Easy – New Orleans, Louisiana. This was my third time venturing down to the Crescent City, this time not on a school trip. (I know, those teachers [...]

Im[Pasta]bly Good

I think one of the hardest things about living by myself (other than being lonely) is the food situation. I could cook a meal, but if I follow a recipe, I end up making like 4 times the amount of food I need and then I’m sick of it by the time I eat it [...]

Getting Artsy!

If you were to ask me, I would tell you that I would categorize myself as a creative. A writer, a dreamer, someone who likes to think things up and be clever. If you were to ask me if I were artsy, that would be a different story. Hand me a pen and paper and [...]

I Chip You Not, I Gave it a Shot

This week was a bit of a doozy. I took Thursday and Friday off of work and, very much like being on winter break when I was in school, it feels like I’ve forgotten what day it is. Time seems to have melted together for me and I’m not really hating it. I can tell [...]


Today is a blog day, and it’s not just any blog day – it is the 100th blog day! 100 BLOGS I’ve written and posted 100 blogs – call me cynical, but I doubt there is anyone out there who can say that they’ve read all the blogs. (Except for myself, of course.) **Edit: Denise [...]