A Week With Nash

You guys remember my first foster, Astro? And how he was an angel dog? Full of energy, yes, but a big ball of love otherwise. Don’t worry- he’s still happily adopted with a fantastic family. This past week I got my second foster pup and oh boy. Let me preface the rest of this post [...]


Getting Artsy!

If you were to ask me, I would tell you that I would categorize myself as a creative. A writer, a dreamer, someone who likes to think things up and be clever. If you were to ask me if I were artsy, that would be a different story. Hand me a pen and paper and [...]

I Chip You Not, I Gave it a Shot

This week was a bit of a doozy. I took Thursday and Friday off of work and, very much like being on winter break when I was in school, it feels like I’ve forgotten what day it is. Time seems to have melted together for me and I’m not really hating it. I can tell [...]


Today is a blog day, and it’s not just any blog day – it is the 100th blog day! 100 BLOGS I’ve written and posted 100 blogs – call me cynical, but I doubt there is anyone out there who can say that they’ve read all the blogs. (Except for myself, of course.) **Edit: Denise [...]

What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

I’m going to be honest – I had planned on telling you guys about my discovery of the TV show Friends this week, but I didn’t write it this morning and since then I’ve changed my mind. Today’s blog is so late because I’ve been cooking with my mom all afternoon. (I don't have a [...]

Only Strong

My mentor at work gave me a really excellent book that I think everyone should consider reading. Stick with me here: StrengthsFinder 2.0 From Gallup. I know, I know. I know what you’re thinking: “A self-help book?? Seriously?” And yes and no. When I think of self-help books I think of those books telling you [...]

Psychos Anonymous: A One-Step Program

I had a rough day yesterday. Why? I couldn’t tell you what triggered it absolutely. Lack of sleep? Not eating enough? I was an emotional wreck, swinging through moods faster than Tarzan travels through the jungle on those vines of his. I was insecure, irritable, I cried 5 separate times (one of which was in [...]

How to spot a Gentleman: A letter to 18-year-old me (and some of my 20+-year-old friends)

Sorry, this is so late guys. I was busy looking for a gentleman on which to base my blog this week. KIDDING. I’m surrounded by plenty of wonderful gentlemen, one of whom is the real reason my blog is so late this week. The real reason I’m so late is that I spent the weekend [...]