A Year in Review: 2018’s Top Nine

I was really excited to find that people are doing their “Top Nine” again this year. I think it’s a really cool way to reflect on the year, based solely on your social media posts on Instagram. Now, I know there are important events that won’t have been commemorated with a photo post and that [...]


Foster the Pupple

If you guys follow me on social media, then you are very aware of my new temporary addition to my house. Everyone else, meet my foster pup Astro. Astro is a two-year-old pit-mix from the Lake Norman Humane.  He’s seriously the best-behaved dog I’ve ever had. I grew up with a family full of dogs [...]


Today is a blog day, and it’s not just any blog day – it is the 100th blog day! 100 BLOGS I’ve written and posted 100 blogs – call me cynical, but I doubt there is anyone out there who can say that they’ve read all the blogs. (Except for myself, of course.) **Edit: Denise [...]

What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

I’m going to be honest – I had planned on telling you guys about my discovery of the TV show Friends this week, but I didn’t write it this morning and since then I’ve changed my mind. Today’s blog is so late because I’ve been cooking with my mom all afternoon. (I don't have a [...]

Say “Yellow” to my new Furniture 🌻

[Formerly "Working Hard, or Hardly Working" - Everyone is a critic 🙄but you only consider changing things for the professor who first introduced you to and helped foster your love of blogs.]It was another house-work Saturday for me and I could not be more thankful for my family for coming up to help. Tyler came [...]

Visiting the Nug

As you all know, about three-ish weeks ago, the kid brother graduated from college. (If you didn’t know, I blogged about it here.) He moved home the day after graduation and then the day after that he moved to Tennessee. It was a wild ride that I was extraordinarily glad I wasn’t on. He handled [...]


Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I know that today is particularly reserved for the celebration of moms, but with your pardon, I have something else I want to celebrate today.  (I can promise you my mom was okay with this post – I wrote this one about her last year while I was in Peru. Overachieving [...]