I’ll put a Spell on you

So, we’re halfway through October and I’ve done almost an entire Fall’s worth of activities.  Instead of boring you with an entire encyclopedia of Falltivities, I’ll put a spell on you and spell it out. 😉 An acrostic October Poem (with explanations) O – Out in the Corn What can be more fall than a [...]


Hungry Hike the Wolf Spider

  Happy Earth Day, Everyone! Yes, I know it was last weekend, but I already had my blog written about my Cannoli cupcakes, so I figured I’d save the hikes for this week.  (Also, a big thanks to my friend AJ for help with this week’s Blog title – a nice bit of wordplay.)   [...]

Bex and the D in Vegas

Forgive me for how late this blog is… I’m still on Vegas time (and even on Vegas time, I'm late...).  That’s right, I went to Vegas.  You read that correctly. VEGAS, BABY. I liked Vegas OKAY. To be honest, I didn’t really gamble much while I was there.  And when I did, I lost money… [...]