The Quest for the Cookie

Happy Father’s Day! To all the people dads out there, and the pupper (or kitty) dads out there, and the men-who-influence-our-lives-but-aren’t-our-biological-father dads out there – You’re awesome and I appreciate you for everything you do.  Everything.  Even walking into the room to fart and walk back out again. (Not that my dad does that… Not that [...]


Holy Cannoli [Cupcakes]

  Hi, Everyone! This week has been a little hectic and a lot stressful.  Some exciting/nerve wracking things have been going on at work and I’ve started to seriously prep for Peru. Saturday, Mom asked me if I wanted to go shopping.  Little did I know that this was a deceiving way to take me [...]

Brian and Bex’s Great CLT Adventure: Whiskey Edition

Welcome back to the What wild/odd/crazy/fun thing has Bex done now? Show!  I’m your host Bex, and this week we have a guest star joining us: my very dear friend, Brian!  Say “Hi,” Brian! I know you all can’t see him, but he smiled and waved. Because he’s friendly like that.   Brian is new [...]