Travel Troubles with Bex

I suppose I’ve taken for granted that flying is easy peasy. Except for that one time that we almost missed our flight to Ireland, I don’t usually tend to have any problems. Leg 1: Philly to HarrisburgI was in New Jersey this weekend for a family reunion (which is the reason this blog is late) [...]


Crow and Cake

Before I tell you all about my week – I feel compelled to describe my current surroundings to you. It’s a Sunday morning. My supposed “drunkard” neighbors (that was gossip from the old man down the street who apparently watches everyone all day) are in the back yard in Hawaiian-looking getups, not yet arguing but [...]

A Speakeasy and Shamrock Spectacular

In an epic weekend of compromises and new experiences, I have a “new” bar to review and had a great St. Patrick’s Day. I was supposed to spend Saturday evening with some friends downtown this weekend but when Thomas called and said his schedule shifted some and I could come visit if I wanted, I [...]

What to do when Aunt Flo comes to town

Is this a menstrual post? Is this a hurricane post? It’s a fun guessing game for you, that’s for sure. I should probably start this post by telling you all that my family and I are safe and sound, and for this I am thankful. We have a lot of rain coming down where I [...]

The Canadian has Arrived

Hi Friends! If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I went to Peru last May (and it was [Inca]redible – see what I did there?) and while there met some really cool people. Then in July, I went to visit one of the said people and in the process went to [...]

The 4 B’s

I don’t know if you guys went to high schools with strict dress codes, but the rules at my high school got more and more ridiculous as the years went on. You had to be sure that the 4 B’s were covered and not in any way distracting. You know the 4 B’s, right? Back, [...]


Happy Super Bowl Sunday, people! Will I be watching? Probably not consistently, but it’ll likely be on the TV at some point. Anyway, in the spirit of Super Bowl LII, I’m going to tell you all about my sports-related adventures this week. I tried two new sports this week, one significantly more successful than the [...]

A  Spooktacular Weekend

Happy Halloweek, everyone!  The long-awaited holiday is FINALLY here. Time to eat candy until your stomach hurts, dress up, and do the real spooky spooky stuff.  (I apologize to those who read last week’s blog and were a little too creeped out.  I promise it wasn’t a real story, just my overactive imagination.)  I used [...]

I’ll put a Spell on you

So, we’re halfway through October and I’ve done almost an entire Fall’s worth of activities.  Instead of boring you with an entire encyclopedia of Falltivities, I’ll put a spell on you and spell it out. 😉 An acrostic October Poem (with explanations) O – Out in the Corn What can be more fall than a [...]