Book Club Nerd

I’m sure this will come as absolutely no surprise to you, but I belong to a book club. And not only do I belong to a book club but as of this past Thursday, I’m one of the three young women who lead our quarterly book club meetings. I led my very first book club [...]


My Next Great Adventure

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!  I’m going to be really honest with you – Not only did I slack this week and not get a post written before today, but also I don’t really care for either team this year. Good luck to all of you Falcons and Patriots supporters, and please forgive me if [...]

Bex, the Girl who Lived

Hey Guys, just for the rest of this blog post I’m going to perform a little magic on you.  We’re going to briefly forget EVERYTHING political going on for the next 500-ish words. No, Good sir/madam – I am not avoiding the inauguration or the Women’s Marches happening all around the world.  I’m letting them [...]