Wink wink, smudge smudge

Last night, I was at a party with a bunch of my coworkersand someone asked me how I was liking my house and living alone. Of course, I had to mention that it may or may not be haunted- start with the importantthings first, right? In addition to the creepy noises and overactive motion detector, [...]


What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

I’m going to be honest – I had planned on telling you guys about my discovery of the TV show Friends this week, but I didn’t write it this morning and since then I’ve changed my mind. Today’s blog is so late because I’ve been cooking with my mom all afternoon. (I don't have a [...]

Say “Yellow” to my new Furniture 🌻

[Formerly "Working Hard, or Hardly Working" - Everyone is a critic 🙄but you only consider changing things for the professor who first introduced you to and helped foster your love of blogs.]It was another house-work Saturday for me and I could not be more thankful for my family for coming up to help. Tyler came [...]

Ikea? I can, ya

You know how in the Ikea instruction booklet it explicitly has the little pictures of the two men, illustrating that you should definitely have a partner while building Ikea furniture? Well. Being that I was home alone, and the boxes containing my brand-new Ikea kitchen island were staring at me, taunting me – little old [...]

What a week.

First off, Thomas had a week off from med school and came home which meant the week was already bound to be the best one I’ve had in a while. On top of that, I got to see Hamilton! THEN, Thomas and I went on a fun historical adventure!!   This week break for Thomas [...]

Mugsy and my “Idea Guy” friend AJ

“Think Big. Dream Big.” – I have a T-shirt from my alma mater with that slogan on it, to match the Dream Big chairs we had on campus. In my four years at High Point University, I met some great people with great minds and great big dreams. One of those people is my friend [...]

What to do when Aunt Flo comes to town

Is this a menstrual post? Is this a hurricane post? It’s a fun guessing game for you, that’s for sure. I should probably start this post by telling you all that my family and I are safe and sound, and for this I am thankful. We have a lot of rain coming down where I [...]