A Good|Bad|Good Sandwich

Hi Guys! I have a lot of stuff to cover in a small space so here goes nothing- A Good|Bad|Good Sandwich. You know how you’re supposed to give criticism in a Good|Bad|Good sandwich so that the person doesn’t feel utterly defeated? Well, I think Mother Nature was reminding me last weekend that life isn’t perfect [...]


Mamma [and] Me-A

I know Mother’s Day is in May, but I’ve spent a lot of time with my mom this week and I don’t think we tell our moms how great they are enough. Do you remember when Mamma Mia! came out in 2008? I thought that movie was the bee’s knees. I really love musicals in general, but [...]

Drinking the Corporate Kool-Aid

When I first started this blog, I said there would be three things I would never talk about on here: politics, religion, and work. Well. I’m about to break that this week and at first, I thought: I just won’t say where I work, that will work. But then realized, if you follow me on [...]