The Post-Vacation Blues

My post-vacation blues are tropical teals and deep ocean blues and seaweed greens. Guys, I just spent the past week in Jamaica and I don’t want to be back. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I missed my family and my quiet bed (the resort’s beds were weirdly loud when trying to get in or out of them) but how can you not love a delicious breakfast buffet, all you can eat, all you can drink, and the beautiful sunshine of Jamaica?

We stayed at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa near Montego Bay Jamaica for a whole week and it was wonderful and relaxing and glorious. A HUGE thank you to Thomas’ family for letting me tag along!!

My Favorite Bits:

  • Sunshine!! Borderline too hot, and I will admit that some days I felt like my skin was being crisped like a turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving, it was still beautiful. And if it got too hot, just hop into one of the numerous pools or splash into the ocean and you’re perfect.


  • All the breakfast. Thomas and I love breakfast. Every morning we went to a breakfast buffet and ate so much, sometimes too much. My favorite part was the build your own omelet station which was so yummy.  They also had Mimosa and Bloody Mary stations in case you wanted to start your day of drinking early.
  • Speaking of drinking- there were plenty of bars and endless drinks. My new favorite drink is a pineapple juice with coconut rum, so tropical, so delicious. If you were in the pool, go to the swim up bar. If you were chilling in a pool chair, they had waitstaff taking orders. If you were at the beach, they had a bar built in a little hut on the beach. Yum. Our favorite bartender was Gregory at the sports bar, he started making us special drinks and they were really pretty and so tasty. The bar at the Poseidon, one of the beachfront restaurants, was also lovely and Thomas and I almost tasted/drank our way through their entire specialty cocktails menu waiting for his parents to join us for dinner one evening. (We also think they cut their liquor or gave smaller portions in drinks. We suspiciously didn’t see anyone sloppy or messy drunk the entire time.)
  • Working off the food and booze. I think my top favorite thing (which is weird that it comes so late in the list, I know) was the fitness classes that we took. A private yoga class for Thomas’ mother and I, the sweatiest kickboxing class I’ve ever taken, lots and lots of aqua-fitness from water aerobics to using bikes in the pool. We missed out on the dance classes and archery but I’m sure they were great too.

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t bother bringing long dresses- unless they’re really light and flowy. It was way too hot and humid to even consider putting myself through that kind of suffocation.
  • Think twice about your heels. I brought a pair of wedges and a pair of heels to wear for special dinners, but after a couple of drinks and experiencing the difficulties of the uneven paver pathway, I decided not to risk breaking my neck and stuck with flat black sandals.
  • Bring in your clothes! If you do wash in the bathtub to rinse out gym clothes or sandy bathing suits, be sure to bring your clothes back in from the outdoor balcony at lunchtime because it will probably rain. And if it rains, you’ll have to try to dry them again, which gets stressful when you’re supposed to be packing those clothes the next morning.

I’d highly recommend Jamaica or really any tropical island for a relaxing vacation. It was beautiful and I loved napping under the beach umbrellas and swimming in the ocean and giant pool.  It was lovely laughing through fitness classes with Thomas and his parents and enjoying delicious food together. I know Thomas hated how hot it was, next time we’ll go somewhere cooler. Perhaps a blend of our Ireland trip and our Jamaica trip would be perfect. However, I’m pretty much all out of vacation time at work, so I’ll just have to content myself with dreaming of future vacations.

Looking off into the distance, dreaming of future vacations

Also – I want to wish a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures out there. My dad is the best, but I’m sure you’re all great too. 😉 Thanks for being our guides, our protectors, our entertainment, and the source of half our DNA.

Until next week,



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