The 4 B’s

I don’t know if you guys went to high schools with strict dress codes, but the rules at my high school got more and more ridiculous as the years went on. You had to be sure that the 4 B’s were covered and not in any way distracting. You know the 4 B’s, right? Back, Boobs, Belly, and Butt?  Well, this week I had 4 B’s of my own, and no they’re not body parts.

Bikes, Beers, Baseball, and Bulls.

Remember how last weekend was a very social weekend? Well, apparently my social calendar took that as a challenge and this weekend has been absolutely insane- and I’ve loved every second of it!


Like Riding A Bike

Turns out, that saying is pretty decently true.  My parents taught me how to ride a bike as a kid, but after an accident (which I’m sure my baby Bex brain thought was way worse than it was) I said I would never get back on a bike.  In college, my roommates tried to re-teach me how to ride on campus. It was decently successful in the giant parking lot but when we ventured out onto the busy campus sidewalks I panicked. There was also the small problem that we only briefly touched on how to stop, and in full irony, I ran into a stop sign.

So, here we are, I’m 24 and Thomas decides he wants to teach me how to ride a bike. Again. This time, the results were much better. It really was like riding a bike, literally. I remembered how to do it and we were very sure to cover how to stop. Within about 15 minutes I was comfortable enough to go out on the greenway and it was actually a ton of fun!


Beer on Beer on Beer


Saturday, Thomas and I spent all afternoon at a festival dedicated solely to craft beer and craft burgers and YUM. We got these really adorable little beer glasses and one free burger ticket when we walked in. Then, it was pretty much a free for all. We tried to keep a list of all the beers we tried but only wrote down one, so that was a complete fail. Whoops.  I really liked a California craft beer, Coronado.  Thomas and I really liked their IPA. I’ll have to figure out if I can buy some of it at the grocery store! I also had this incredible sausage burger with slaw and hot sauce on it, so so so good. I wish I remember the name of the food truck…The festival also featured some fun and folksy live music by Shovels and Rope which was neat. It was nice being able to watch them from the shade of the VIP tent.


Pro-tip: If you’re a VIP, enjoy the perks. The shade was awesome. Also, pro-tip 2: Drink water. You don’t know how many people were stumbling around drunk in the hot hot sun. That will not end well, people. Pro-tip 3: Ladies… If you know the festival is on a gravel lot, seriously consider your footwear. The girls there in heels and wedges looked miserable. My sneakers were very comfortable, thank you.

All in all, the Moo and Brew Craft Beer and Burger Festival of 2018 was a win for us.


Baseball (Yes, again)

After already enjoying the wonderful beer and burgers at the festival, we kept the downtown train moving with a trip to the Knights stadium for a baseball game with Thomas’ parents. I’ve never sat in the picnic area of the stadium before and it was actually really cool! (And I’m not just saying that because of the free food, which was also awesome.) The view of the field was a pretty good one and the weather was perfect too.  We stayed for over half the game, but it started to get a little breezy and the Knights weren’t playing so well so we left a little early. Nonetheless, an enjoyable end to a beautiful day outdoors.


A Run with the Bulls

The last B hasn’t even happened yet, so I can’t write that much about it. We’re going to a rodeo tonight to see the bulls and bull riders and the sheep wranglers.  I’m really looking forward to it and the weather should be beautiful once again.


I definitely think my weekend was a full one, don’t you? I hope you all had a great week and relearned something or had awesome adventures. If not, try something new (or something old again) this week; you might like it.


Until next week,



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