I had a friend once tell me that you can’t blog every week with a sunny, fun, vomiting rainbows kind of disposition. She told me that it’s not sustainable and not real.

Fortunately, I am a real person. Unfortunately, I’m very gray.

I don’t want to call it tired, because I’ve been sleeping. Not nervous or anxious either. Just gray.

Sometimes, you’re gray. You just want someone to hold your hand or pet your hair. You want to be taken seriously when you’re mad, you don’t want to be snorted at or sighed at. You want someone to be patient with you. Don’t forget, that person can be you.

Be patient with yourself. Sometimes you’re gray and that is just that. Don’t wallow in it and try to make yourself happy. As you do in yoga, accept how you feel, acknowledge it and let it pass in its own time.

You can’t depend on other people not to laugh when you’re upset or to be patient or to know what the right thing to do is. Instead, you can enjoy some extra sleep, drink a cup of tea or some chocolate milk or extra water, watch one of your favorite movies, and tell a tell yourself that you love you. And then also remember that tomorrow is new and different and probably less gray.

Until next week,



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