Ready to Spring into the Outdoors

Happy Spring, Everyone!

The first day of Spring was this week and I am SO ready for warmer weather. (It was also my dad’s birthday week – Happy Birthday, Dad!) Unfortunately, we didn’t really see much of that warm weather after last Sunday, so hopefully, it’s coming soon. Hopefully really soon, because I planted my garden this weekend and I don’t know that my babies will survive a ton of frost! Don’t worry, we made some makeshift frost blankets to keep the little babies warm overnight.

Yes, I know it was a tad overzealous of me – but I’m just really excited to get out in the dirt.  I’ve been pulling weeds and raking all week and Saturday was the day!


There is just something extraordinarily pleasing about digging about in the dirt that just puts you at ease.  It’s almost as peaceful as Shavasana at the end of a yoga session.

This year we’ve planted two different kinds of cherry tomatoes, two different hot peppers, one eggplant (so far), one basil plant, a ton of onions, and we’re waiting for the string beans to come out a little later in the season. My jalapeño plant yielded a crazy amount of peppers last year so I’m hoping for the same result this year.

It was even a family affair with my parents and the pups getting in on the action.

Saturday was a busy day this week. Not only did I plant my garden, but I also had my first outdoor game of the season and boy was it too cold.  I think the older that I get, the more of a wuss I get when it comes to cold. By no means was it the worst cold weather I’ve been in, but I certainly envied my mom who went to watch the game from the warm car.

In my team’s typical fashion, we lost in the last 60 seconds. The Ref called 1 minute remaining and within seconds, a girl from the other team had the ball and put it in the back of the net. This losing tactic is a bit usual for my team and it was a woman who scored so I’m not even upset about it.

I haven’t played soccer in months though, so I was unreasonably tight and sore in my knees and thighs last night when I went to bed. Which called for a bit of stretching and two ice packs. I didn’t think anything of it and fell asleep with them on my legs.

This morning, I woke up unreasonably early to a cold wetness under my butt and between my legs. I’d imagine it’s pretty accurate to what a wet diaper feels like. My first thought: Bex, you’re almost 24. Did you REALLY just wet this bed? You didn’t even have anything to drink before bed last night! Get it together. Then I found one of the icepacks lying between my legs, burst open and dripping wetness everywhere. Whether the icepack had the hole before I used it last night, or if I had crushed it last night while I was sleeping – I was instantly relieved that I still had nighttime control of my bladder.

And that’s the story of why I woke up before 8AM on a weekend with a cold, wet butt.

I hope it starts to get warm where you guys live, and if it’s already warm there send it down here to cold NC. Try to get outside some this week (if it’s not cold and rainy), it’ll feel nice to breathe in that fresh air and maybe play in some dirt.

And learn a lesson from me: never sleep with an icepack.

Until next week,



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