Peas Out, Cub Scout

Believe it or not, as you are reading this, I am out of the country. Yes, again.

Peace out, USA.

Two months short of a year since my last excursion outside of the US, I’m at it again, crossing borders.  This time I’m flying across the pond with a bit more luggage in tow. My family (and Thomas) are going to Ireland. For a week. I know. Either Thomas is extraordinarily brave, or certifiably insane, but he’s packed and ready – which is much farther along than I am.

I’m currently procrastinating packing while simultaneously increasing my anxiety about travel while avoiding the bag sitting in the corner of my bedroom. The little beauty still has her tags on.

A friendly travel tip to all soon-to-be world travelers: invest in a travel pack. Like a backpack.  I made the BIGGEST mistake in the whole world taking rolling luggage to Peru. I’m not making that mistake again. Thomas and I went and purchased a travel pack each. We tried to pick ones that should be carry on size. He is a little nervous that his bag is too big and his anxiety is making mine worse because if his is too big, then mine is definitely too big…

deep breaths

In all of our excitement leading up to this trip, Thomas and I have been doing silly things to “prep for Ireland.”  This includes, in no particular order:

This one is from the Broken Spoke
  • Watching The Quiet Man – I personally didn’t like this movie because the redhead woman was positively nuts and it reminded me of all the negative stereotypes that come with having hair the color of the setting sun (of the flames of hell, depending on my mood).
  • Drinking a Guinness – I know it’ll taste better there and I can’t wait.
  • Drinking Irish Whiskey at the Broken Spoke – did you know you can place free calls to Ireland from there?
  • Watching Leap Year – cue romantic sigh.
  • Kissing a Redhead – my mirror and I are getting really good at this one. 😉

And last but not least, and perhaps the most delicious:

  • Making Shepherd’s Pie – YUM.

This last one was the most fun (the mirror is cold, okay?) and definitely warmed the soul. It was pretty decently easy too! I wish I could give you the specific recipe, but it was a Thomas family recipe so I’ll give you a gist and you can google a good one and just try it out yourself. Experiment a little, it’ll be fun!

Step 1: Make the mashed potatoes.

Step 2: Sauté the onions and carrots.

Step 3: Add the lamb to the veggies and brown. (We actually used beef, so technically this was a Cottage Pie but it still tasted great.)

Step 4: Add the special sauce, peas, and seasoning. (Pretty sure the love goes in during this step too.)

Step 5: Put in baking pan and top with potatoes. Decorate with a pretty cross-hatch design using a fork.

Step 6: Bake until the top of the potatoes are a nice toasty brown. (Or If you’re impatient, use a flamethrower like Thomas did.)

Step 7: Eat and Enjoy. Like I said earlier – YUM.

I’m a serious supporter of cooking and trying new things. Next time we make it, we’re going to add a little hot sauce and swap the potatoes out for a cauliflower-potato mixture to give it a little healthy kick.

Try out some new food and recipes this week (we all know I will be) and let me know how they go. Worst case you know what not to make ever again. Good luck, and may the peas be with you.

Until next week, (When I’m back from Ireland!!!)



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