Totally Drool-Worthy

This week I took a one-day adventure with Thomas up to Asheville. I found it incredible that he’s lived in North Carolina his entire life and hasn’t been to the historic home yet. I, on the other hand, haven’t seen the Biltmore decorated for Christmas, which is on my Winter bucket list. So, like we usually do, we went and made an adventure out of it and took a trip all the way out to the wonderful, beautiful, and totally drool-worthy Asheville, NC.

The Biltmore

Buckets of Drool

If you’ve never been, or don’t know what it is, the Biltmore is a beautiful old house (more like a mansion) that was built by the Vanderbilt family in the 1890s and was opened to the public in 1930. The massive home is now run as a museum for guests to take a self-guided tour through as well as explore a portion of the almost 7,000-acre estate.

The house is absolutely amazing.  It’s huge and I can only imagine what it was like to live there and to roll out of the beds and wander the halls as a guest during the house’s prime.  While you’re not allowed to explore all of the rooms, the ones you do get to see are beautiful.  The house even has its own indoor pool and bowling alley.


My favorite part of the Biltmore is exploring the gardens and the grounds.  Even though it was cold, and all the flowers outside were dead, it was still pretty and Thomas and I had a great time just walking around and exploring.


Pints of Drool – get it? Because of the beer?

Our tour of the Biltmore house was at 1:15pm and the grounds only offer so much entertainment when everything is dead and it’s positively freezing outside, so we decided to participate in our favorite pastime – Craft Beer.


If you love craft beer, Asheville is the place for you.  Once we found a place to park, it was incredibly easy to just wander around to different breweries.  You basically ran into one every corner you turned.

My two favorites that we visited were Burial and One World.  Burial’s beer was really tasty, and they had pictures of Tom Sellick everywhere which was odd but cool.  I would definitely go back.  One World probably had the coolest entrance I’ve ever seen.  You walked down an alleyway to a great metal archway and walked in as if you were entering a space shuttle.  The brewery was actually down below in the basement of the building, tucked away.  It was really neat and the beer was really, really good.  Thomas and I got two very different beers which came out the same color but tasted different which really surprised us. Also a place I would definitely return to.

Here Comes the Drool

… actually though…

We didn’t have a place to spend the night up in Asheville and it’s only about a two-and-a-half-hour drive, so when we finished our exploring and Thomas tasted all the hot sauces that he wanted in the Pepper Palace, we headed home.

Now. Let me tell you – Thomas’ car has heated seats. So, imagine:  I’m cold from being outside, tired from exploring all day, and now my butt is toasty warm. I lean over and rest my head on Thomas’ shoulder and the next thing I know…

I’ve drooled on him.

Not even cute drool. The disgusting, slurping noise as you wake up, wipe your mouth with the back of your hand, blink a couple times and then realize where you are kind of drool. Really lady-like. Gross.

Don’t worry though, he still went hiking with me the next day so I don’t think he was repulsed enough to pretend he doesn’t know me anymore.


My encouragement to you this week is to go somewhere drool-worthy with someone drool-worthy.

Visit Asheville if you can, or go on an adventure someone else if you can’t.

Find those drool-worthy people.  The ones who allow you to be at your most vulnerable (like sleeping so hard you drool on them) and still care about you. (Don’t forget to thank those people and apologize for drooling on them too, though. Sorry, Thomas…)


Have a great week everyone! Stay warm! (And watch your drool.)




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