The Alphabet Trees

Once upon a lake, there was a forest of burnt orange and sunny yellow. Among the thick and numerous plain and boring trees there were those that spoke.  They whispered to the hikers that passed by.  Names, crude words, long-ago loves.  Things from the past that these trees saw but would never forget. The alphabet [...]


5 Tips for Surviving Turkey Week

I sat in front of my laptop for over an hour this morning trying to figure out what to write this week. Over an hour.  And I’m being entirely serious.  It was an unreal waste of blog time.  Nothing was coming to me.  I fell asleep a couple of times, I wrote some poetry, but [...]

Overthink.  Overthank.  Overthunk.

If there is one thing I definitely do well, it’s think.  My brain works about 600 times faster than the rest of my body at all times.  Usually, this leads to embarrassing situations where I mash words together, freeze up entirely because my brain and mouth refuse to work in tandem, or sometimes can’t sleep [...]