Weighing Happy

I had my annual physical at the doctor’s office this week.  Let me tell you, there is only one professional that I hate more than doctors, and that’s the dentist.  So you can imagine my dread as I got up early on Friday morning to head to my early appointment before work. I get there, [...]


Getting Schooled

Have you ever looked back and thought: Man, I miss college- not the class part, but the rest of the college part?  I have, I definitely miss those freedoms of undergrad.  I’ve realized recently that I also miss the learning part too.  Growing mentally and challenging what I previously thought. And I’ve been having this [...]

Of Nature Walks and Waffles

Happy Halloween! Bex… It’s September. EXACTLY.  September means Fall and Fall means Halloween.  Halloween isn’t just ONE DAY- it’s a feeling.  And I’ve got it. What I’m trying to say is that Fall is here.  I can feel it.  The smell is in the air, the weather is becoming the trademark NC fall beauty that [...]