Bex and Mel take Calgs


Remember how last week I said I had the travel itch?  Well, I scratched it. 🙂 Matter of fact, as you were reading my blog last Sunday– I was on an airplane flying home from another great adventure.

I went to Canada last weekend!  Calgary was incredible, I really loved it.  As you know, I went up for my friend Melissa’s birthday, as well as for the Calgary Stampede.  Let me tell you about my brief four-day adventure to the super friendly land to the north.



I left NC at 3 in the afternoon after spending a slightly hectic morning trying to put fires out at work so that I was leaving my projects somewhat orderly.  Despite my best efforts, it didn’t work… (Sorry co-workers)

Thursday was a flying day.  And boy was it eventful.  From almost missing my connecting flight because the gate was wrong on the TV screens to SURPRISE being upgraded to first class- I wasn’t sure whether or not I was supposed to be having a good day or bad!  After my free Vodka cranberry, I decided it was a good adventure. (Thanks for my awesome experience, WestJet!)

I finally landed in Calgary around 9:30 pm, Calgary time (don't be fooled – there is a two hour time difference, it's not that short of a flight), and the ever wonderful Melissa was there to pick me up! 🙂



Birthday Day!  We celebrated Melissa’s birthday Friday starting with an exploration of Calgary and ending with a night of partying.  I think I walked over 10 miles, just exploring the city.  (It doesn’t help that Mel had us going the wrong way on a greenway for a while before she realized and turned us around…)

Calgary really is a beautiful city.  We explored Prince’s Island Park with the giant Canada 150 sign, went up the Calgary Tower (which is a lot like the Seattle Space Needle), and walked the city streets to see things.  Melissa even did some line dancing on the street with some other dancers!

My favorite part of exploring was 100% the beavertail we had.  Don’t worry! It was a pastry! A warm flaky base with Nutella spread over it, topped with sliced banana and powdered sugar.  OH BOY, it was good.  My second fav had to be our Stampede breakfast, which was a pancake, turkey bacon, and turkey sausage that we turned into a breakfast taco.  Yum. The delicious “Mexican Bulldogs” (I call them Margaronas) that we had around midday to cool us off were also fantastic.

Friday Night we celebrated Melissa’s birthday with dinner and dancing.  I will say I prefer American boys when it comes to dancing, but I was LOVING my new Canadian girlfriends!



Stampede Day!  For those of you who don’t know, Stampede is essentially a rodeo and a giant state fair all rolled into one.  I’ve never been to a rodeo before, and I’ve never been to a state fair as big as Stampede.  WOW.


The rodeo was so fun to watch.  I actually enjoyed it immensely and have to find one around here to go to.  Maybe I’ll pick up a Cowboy of my own while I’m there. ;)  The best event of the whole rodeo was the Wild Pony wrangling.  They had teams of little kids trying to chase down and hop onto the back of a pony that was just running around the arena and it was SO CUTE.

The food was, as you can imagine, wonderful fair food.  I had two corndogs and every day I wish I could have another.  I also ate roasted corn, and fried pickles, and fried cookie dough.  I wanted a giant fried onion, but I was so full I didn’t think I could manage it.

As Mel and I left Stampede we got to run into some of our other Peru friends.  I MISS THEM SO MUCH.  I wish we could have stayed but my flight out was early the next morning and I was so tired from being in the sun all day. 😦  (I’ll be back for you, Liz)



I flew all day.  ALL DAY.  I left Calgary at 10:25am, Calgary time, and landed in CLT at 9:45pm, CLT time.  And it was hot.  IN BOTH PLACES.  Because, of course, Calgary was experiencing a heat wave the one weekend I go to visit.


That’s just an excuse to go back to visit again so I can see what their normal weather is like.  Any excuse I can get, I’ll take.  I seriously loved Canada and didn’t want to get back on my plane to come back to the US.

I hope you all keep exploring and find places you love.  I would love to hear all about them, and maybe I’ll add them to my list of places I should explore!

Have a great week, everyone!



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