Netflix and Choke on Your Own Snot


Hi Guys!

Thanks for welcoming me back to the US by giving me a SICKNESS.


I landed in the US and the Flu Index for where I live was sitting at a nice, comfortable “widespread.”  Awesome.

On top of that – it was winter in Peru.  It’s summer here.  Welcome back to the land of bees and pollen, Bex.

And, for the cherry on top – My body really liked eating fresh fruits and veggies, and super clean eats while I was in Peru.  The food was INCREDIBLE.  My first few meals back in the States were McDonald’s, meatloaf and mashed potatoes (which were really delicious, don’t get me wrong), and a hamburger from our local, hole in the wall, kind of sketchy (but also delicious) hamburger joint.

Without getting too graphic, I was leaking exploding draining purging losing all of the liquids from a majority of the orifices on my body.


Anyway, Friday morning, I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck and my head was a fishbowl.  After a long ¾ day at work, I managed to make it home to lay down on my floor in front of my space heater (yes, I know it was 80°F out…) and not move for the next four hours.  Thus, began my weekend of Slothery.


Saturday came with less of the “I was just hit by a truck” feeling, but brought more of an “I’m coughing up a lot of mucus and probably a lung and maybe both my liver and spleen and the left kidney too” feeling with it.


Ew, Bex.  You’re getting gross.

Chill – I’m getting to the good part!

On Saturday, I re-discovered something magical.  NETFLIX. *cue the trumpets of the heavens and a choir of baby angels*


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.54.59 PM
A screenshot from the heavenly place itself


My Canadians told me I NEEDED to watch Riverdale when I got home- something to do with all the gingers in it. So, I did.  I binge-watched it all.  Every single one of the 13, 42-minute episodes in one sitting.


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.55.22 PM
Another screenshot from that wonderful, wonderful place


Oh, my.  Hello, Archie.


Borrowed from IMDb


As a redhead, I sometimes feel it is my responsibility to help keep my genetics alive by reproducing with fellow cute gingers.  You can imagine my EXTREME disappointment to find out that K.J. Apa (Archie in the show) is not actually a natural redhead, but just a really good dye job…

What… What is that noise?  Bex, are you… Are you sobbing in the corner?

NO… Rude. *sniffles* (But have you seen those abs? The ginger locks? The chocolatey eyes? We could have made beautiful little ginger gremlins…)


Before I get too messy over here – If you like your shows full of drama, scandal, mystery, and more (ahem, really attractive actors) you should definitely consider Riverdale as binge-worthy.  The CW did an awesome job with the show – Bravo, CW. Bravo.

Seriously, go check out the show, crush on Archie a little bit (but not too much, because we all have to share him), and crush on Betty and Veronica a lot, because they’re badass besties and super strong women (LOVE IT).


And don’t forget – if you feel like you’ve been knocked down, run over by a truck, and your head just might have been replaced by a fishbowl – it’s okay to rest and binge-watch a lot of Netflix. Don’t forget to also drink some warm broth and a lot of water.  Rest and self-care are self-love.  And that is the most important.

As a treat for finishing this semi-disgusting post, here is a treat!  Pictures of my pups keeping me comfortable while I look miserable on the couch.



Until next week! (Hopefully, I won’t be so sick…)



PS- No, I’m not done posting about Peru.  I have SO MUCH to tell you all about, I just want to spread it out a little.  Stay tuned for more of my Peruvian adventure Flashbacks!  I’m really looking forward to the future – I’ve been bitten by the travel bug 😉


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