Hungry Hike the Wolf Spider


Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

Yes, I know it was last weekend, but I already had my blog written about my Cannoli cupcakes, so I figured I’d save the hikes for this week.  (Also, a big thanks to my friend AJ for help with this week’s Blog title – a nice bit of wordplay.)



To celebrate Earth day, I went Hiking with the ever-lovely Daisy and her male companion! (See her take on our adventure here.)  We graced Morrow Mountain State Park with our presence for a nice 4.1-mile hike, which turned into about a 5-mile hike after a little detour.


At the beginning of our adventure, we drove all the way up the mountain to see the “Scenic Views” (which turned out to be the only really quality views of our entire hike).  The view was gorgeous.  (See the picture below as proof.)  In addition to great views, the bathrooms up there were IMMACULATE.  I have been to a number of State and National parks and have hiked quite a few trails in my day and let me just say – these bathrooms were some of the best kept I’ve ever seen.  Fancy motion sensor lights, clean toilets, brilliantly white tiled walls and floors – I wish I had taken a picture!  Not only were these bathrooms clean and nice – They were stand-alone bathrooms!  There wasn’t a welcome center attached to them or anything.  Just purely clean, free-standing bathrooms at the top of a trailhead.  UNHEARD OF.

We decided to hike one of the longer loops at Lake Tillery instead of the shorter ones at the top of the mountain.  Fall Mountain Loop was 4.1 miles (according to the sign) and took us along the beautiful lake and up a little bit of a hill and then, after 4.1 miles, brought us back to the lake.  There weren’t really any spectacular views while we were on the trails, no waterfalls or clearings where you could see out for miles.  There were a ton of fallen trees and burnt foliage from what looked like intentional burns to prune the forest of old growth.

I personally enjoyed climbing up onto one of the fallen trees- it wasn’t very high and the pictures came out cool. (AKA – I was pleased with how my leg muscles look)

We were almost back to the lake when we spotted a sign that we thought said that we could hike out to the Kron House.  We hiked down a path that led us to a paved road, but we couldn’t see the house.  You know what we did see?  A HUGE WOLF SPIDER. Daisy almost stepped on it because she didn’t see it.  It shuffled to move away from her, which alerted me to its presence and goodness did I shriek.  I’m pretty sure both my companions had a heart attack. (Sorry, friends…)  This thing was HUGE and disgusting and I hate spiders.  Did I mention I hate spiders? I hate spiders. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.


I don’t claim to be a spider expert.  Upon further research (during which I almost vomited), this could also be a Fishing Spider.  All I know is that it was HUGE and reminded me of the Wolf Spiders I’ve seen before.  Daisy named it Shiloh.

We ended up turning back and finishing our original loop instead of hiking up to the Kron house.  We weren’t sure that we were actually heading in the right direction (turns out, we had been) so we just went back to the lake and decided to follow a map and drive to the house.

The Kron House was home to one of the most famous traveling doctors in the Southern Piedmont region.  He lived to be about 85 (which surprised me, especially since he lived in the early 1800s).  He had two educated daughters (SO COOL), Adelaide and Elizabeth, who inherited his land when he died (EXTRA COOL – Go women!).  I read all of these fun facts and some more on the signs up at the restored homestead.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know about the family gravesite back in the woods behind the house until after we left. I have a weird thing for old graveyards… Next time I head out there, I’ll have to be sure to check it out.


My challenge for you all this week is to find something you love in pictures of yourself.  I know how hard it can be, to look at a picture of yourself and love something about it.  If I had a dollar for every selfie I deleted – I could buy myself a really fancy camera.  Try not to do that so often this week.  Love something about yourself extra hard.  It’ll be something different for everyone.  This week, for me, it’s my legs.  (See pictures above.)

ALSO – Be sure to watch out for giant spiders! EW.


PS – I’m headed to Peru tomorrow for the next three weeks.  EEP.  You can bet that I’m nervous and excited and nervous.  Hopefully, I’ve packed everything that I’ll need – if not, I should be able to find it in Peru.  I’ve planned out some blogs for you while I’m there, but if I get the chance (and the wifi) to update them, I’ll be sure to share some of my adventures!

¡Hasta luego, amigos!


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