Spartans and Siblings and Sweet pups – Oh My!


Boy oh Boy guys, do I have a treat for you! Some weeks I sit down to write my blog and realize that I’ve taken absolutely ZERO pictures all week to accompany my wonderful words that I pour out for you.  NOT THIS WEEK.

This week, I did some awesome things and took (or other people took) some awesome pictures and I’m so excited to share!



For Brother’s birthday last year, I paid for his entrance fee to this year’s Spartan Sprint in Concord, NC.  Did I ask if he wanted to do it? No.  But I needed a partner to do it with me, he’s a fit dude, and he HAD mentioned at some point that he wanted to do it.

What is a Spartan Race, Bex?

A Spartan is an adult obstacle course.  We did the Spartan Sprint, the shortest race, which is only 3-5 miles with 20-23 obstacles.  Ours was 4.9 obstacle-packed miles and WOW.  I raced this very same location last year, and it was entirely different this year.

Brother and I finished in 02:00:07, which is longer than my time from last year, but we slow jogged a lot of this year’s race.  (I ran a half marathon last weekend, my body is still tired…)

It definitely wasn’t an easy race.  I fell. A lot.  I got a little cocky at the first obstacle (FIRST OBSTACLE *facepalm*) – a 6-foot wall we had to climb over.  I’m 5’7 so jumping up and swinging myself over is NBD. Until my foot got caught on the wall and I flipped over the wall and fell off, landing hard on my bum.  Other than bruised pride, I was fine.

My second fall was worse.  During the Bucket carry (we had to fill a bucket with rocks and carry it down a hilly path) I was climbing downhill, slipped, and dropped the bucket on my shoulder.  I cut my neck a little and DEFINITELY bruised my bum.

This race is meant to be difficult though, and the other obstacles weren’t that bad. (Except the heights, turns out Brother is a little nervous when it comes to heights… Oops. Happy Birthday!)

I think my favorite obstacle was the mud pits. Disgusting, dirty, refreshing.  We forgot to bring sunscreen with us, so we borrowed some from some kind strangers at the starting line.  However, by mile 2 we had probably sweat all of the sunscreen off.  The mud worked as a natural sun-shield in addition to cooling us off and making us look totally tough.  And it made for epic pictures.



Speaking of Brother – National Siblings Day was this week (Monday, April 10th) and I have to take a second to brag on my kid brother.

This dude is smart, like sciencey/math-y/computery smart.  My foil in the brains department, if you will. And he’s funny AND good looking. (What can I say, good genes run in the family *Shrug*)

ALSO – We were the CUTEST KIDS EVER. Not much has changed.



There is one more holiday that I wanted to share with you from this week so that you can be on the lookout for next year – National Pet Day.  National Pet Day was Tuesday, April 11th and you can bet I celebrated.

Well. Actually.  My dogs happened to behave this week and were super snuggly so we took a ton of pictures and I really just wanted to share them with you all because PUPS ❤

(Only two out of my three pups are pictured here, Ginger is sometimes a little anti-social.)

Okay, Bex… Other than adorable pictures of puppies and you as a small child, what can we take from this week’s blog?

I’m so glad you asked!  Let’s take it back to the Spartan Race.  I would like to encourage you to face every obstacle this week with a grin (or grimace) and push through it.  It may bruise you, it may make you bleed, but if it doesn’t kill you – you can get through to the other side and cross that finish line.  There are only a few more steps until you get to put down that bucket of rocks.  You only have a few more walls to climb, and hopefully, there is someone there to help boost you over (thanks, Brother).

Take your obstacles this week and CRUSH THEM!



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