Hungry Hike the Wolf Spider

  Happy Earth Day, Everyone! Yes, I know it was last weekend, but I already had my blog written about my Cannoli cupcakes, so I figured I’d save the hikes for this week.  (Also, a big thanks to my friend AJ for help with this week’s Blog title – a nice bit of wordplay.)   [...]


Holy Cannoli [Cupcakes]

Hi, Everyone! This week has been a little hectic and a lot stressful.  Some exciting/nerve-wracking things have been going on at work and I’ve started to seriously prep for Peru. Saturday, Mom asked me if I wanted to go shopping.  Little did I know that this was a deceiving way to take me to Bass [...]

Spartans and Siblings and Sweet pups – Oh My!

  Boy oh Boy guys, do I have a treat for you! Some weeks I sit down to write my blog and realize that I’ve taken absolutely ZERO pictures all week to accompany my wonderful words that I pour out for you.  NOT THIS WEEK. This week, I did some awesome things and took (or [...]

Rockin’ Raleigh

Last weekend I went up to Raleigh, NC, our state capital, for the 20th anniversary Rock ’n’ Roll half and full Marathon.  I only ran the half – I’m not ENTIRELY crazy.  However, I am a little bit crazy, because I did voluntarily choose to run 13.1 miles. Did I mention I paid to run [...]