Food Truck Friday

Hi Guys,

I was really struggling with what to write about this week.  Nothing extraordinary happened – until Friday night when what should have been a normal night out at the Food Truck Friday at my favorite Brewery took a turn for the odd.  Surprise, surprise.


Food Truck Friday

Friday night, I went out to my favorite brewery: Cabarrus Brewing Company in Concord, NC.  The beer is good, the weather was nice – if not a little chilly.  All of my friends were busy so I figured I would just head out alone and enjoy the people watching.  (This intention is important later in the story)


Sorry for the low quality… It was dark out…

My FAVORITE food truck was there: Masterbacon – Bacon Response Unit.


Also dark… And I forgot to take a picture before I started eating, so here is the second half 😀

I go to Yoga at this brewery every Wednesday night. And every Wednesday night I get a Monster BLT, which should actually be a BST – bacon, spinach, tomato, (sometimes with Tots) from Lil Bit (my favorite food truck friend).  Friday, I splurged with the tots and they were delicious.  I mean, a bacon food truck really can’t get a BLT wrong without being a disgrace to bacon everywhere.


I took my food inside the brewery to grab a seat and WOW – it was HOPPING.  There wasn’t an open table to be found.  Luckily, I spotted a free chair at a table inhabited only by a sweet couple.  The lines for beer/wine/cider were incredible.  While it made it hard to get a drink, I’m really pleased.  I’m so glad the brewery seems to be doing well!  It’s not surprising really, the beer is delicious.  And to top it off, the live music was awesome! They played Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”, “Hey Jude” by The Beatles (which always makes me tear up a little), and “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show – ALL IN A ROW.  If you ever want to get an entire brewery singing together, THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT.

So, now that you know how incredibly awesome the atmosphere, you can picture me:  sitting there, enjoying my delicious beer, listening to awesome music, people watching (one of my favorite pastimes).  I was thoroughly enjoying myself.  Alone.  By myself.

I bet you can guess where this goes.


Cue Stranger

 Okay, guys.  Let me preface this – I give everyone a good honest chance until I get that feeling in my stomach that shoots red flags up in my brain.


Cue a stranger, smelling strongly of tobacco smoke (personal preference makes that an EW), carrying a pitcher of beer for himself.  Let’s call him “Happy”. (And I promise to only tell you the best parts.)


I’m sitting by myself, enjoying my beer and Happy comes over.  After first mistaking me for some woman he used to work with (forgive me for being skeptical… I’m a redhead, I’ve never had “one of those faces”), he proceeded to sit across from me and regale me with decently friendly chatter.

Over the course of the night, Happy asked me how old I was (RUDE) and was surprised when I said “22” because he thought I was a lot younger than that. I had a beer in front of me. How much younger than 22 could I have been..?  Happy, I would later find out, was 39.  This 39-year-old man approached a woman he thought was A LOT YOUNGER THAN 22. Red flag.

Happy felt the need to dispense some knowledge on me since I was so much younger than he was.  “Smile more, you aren’t smiling very much.”

Smile more.

Oh, Happy. *swoon* There is nothing in the world that makes me want to smile more than being told to do so, especially by a strange and unwelcome man.

He also told me that I shouldn’t go out alone and stare at people, and that I won’t find Prince Charming in a bar.  Well. If you hadn’t been staring at me, how would you know I was WATCHING other people.  Oh, and thank GOODNESS you know where I can find my Prince Charming.  I’ve been sneaking out of my tower for the past couple of weekends to find my savior. *cue fuming eye roll*

He later asked if I get hit on a lot (I said yes in hopes he would leave me alone) and if I get hit on by older men a lot (another yes to see if he’ll leave me alone. No dice).  He then asked, “What are their rates of success?”



Did he leave me alone then? No.  I even lied and said I had a boyfriend and he still hung around.  If nothing else, this man’s persistence could keep him alive in an apocalypse.  Nothing could stop him.  Not even a 0% chance of success.


Part of me applauds him.  Maybe we can all learn from Happy.

Lesson 1: Never ask a woman how old she is. Never.
Lesson 3: Persevere.  The world may say you have 0% chance at something, but maybe the world is wrong.  I wasn’t wrong.  He had 0% chance, but maybe the world is wrong about you.


And that was my adventure this week.  It’s not even my only story about interesting interactions with strangers.  Last weekend I hit on a married guy and was accused of roofie-ing my own beer after a stranger picked it up and chugged it without my permission.  Because of course, I would roofie myself.  That makes 100% sense.  I could probably write a whole post about stupid things I’ve done and even stupider things that other people have done.  Maybe I will.


Anyway – I hope Happy is out there having better luck and that you all take after him a little bit this week.  Persevere through the tough times, keep trying at things even when people say you can’t do it.  And above all, I hope you all survive the apocalypse (if it comes this week, hopefully, it doesn’t… I have plans for next weekend…)


Have a Happy week!



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