Bex and the D in Vegas

Forgive me for how late this blog is… I’m still on Vegas time (and even on Vegas time, I’m late…).  That’s right, I went to Vegas.  You read that correctly.


Please excuse my weird stance… The sun was shining in my eyes…

I liked Vegas OKAY. To be honest, I didn’t really gamble much while I was there.  And when I did, I lost money… No, thanks.  It also doesn’t help that when I checked the weather and packed for our trip, it said the temps would be in the mid to high 70s and when we got there it was in the 50s.  Not exactly the same thing…

Even with the cold weather, I fell in love with the hiking.  Las Vegas is surrounded by beautiful deserts and mountains.  Daisy (Remember her from HP Science on the Rocks?  She also blogged about this trip – see here), my fam, and I took two hiking trips while we were in Vegas.  I’d go back just for the shows, the hiking, and the chocolate martinis.

Red Rock Canyon

This was our first hike and it was much less a hike and more a scenic drive.  Located about 30 minutes outside of Vegas, the drive here was super easy.  Entrance to the park was also only $7 – best $7 we spent in Vegas.


We had planned on actually hiking this one, but when we got out to the State Park, the weather was cold and the winds were wild with some gusts up to almost 30 mph.  It made climbing the few mountains that we did try a real challenge.  We had to be sure to sit down when the wind started to blow so we weren’t blown off the rock face.


I lost my In-N-Out virginity.  One of Daisy’s musts for this trip was a stop at an In-N-Out burger. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS.

I will say, I’m still loyal to my local favorite What-A-Burger. (Please note the “-”s in What-A-Burger.  It’s not the same as that other chain.)

Valley of Fire

This hike was so much better than the first.  We drove about an hour north of Vegas to get to this park.  If you ever go- be sure to bring your own food and snacks and go to the bathroom before you leave OR be sure to stop at the exit for the Las Vegas motor speedway, because after that exit (maybe there was one or two after it) there is NOTHING. Desert and rocks – it was like we were on another world.

For this hike, the sun was shining and it was decently hot.  The one day that the forecast was sort of correct.  The rocks were absolutely gorgeous and we got so many great pictures.

I’m not sure why, but the moon and the red rocks kept making me think of Star Wars…

The rock walls were also decorated with petroglyphs (like cave drawings, but these were carved into the stones).  History was alive in front of our eyes.  It was really unreal.  People who are long dead have been there before, told their stories before.


My biggest pet peeve – disrespectful people.  These markings are history.  DO NOT ADD YOUR OWN CHICKEN SCRATCH TO THESE BEAUTIFUL WALLS.  Respect history, preserve these things for other people to see unscathed and raw. Inconsiderate dimwits.

IMG_1784Chocolate Martini

This probably doesn’t deserve its own category, but I got this really delicious Chocolate Martini in New York, New York.

But Bex, aren’t you lactose intolerant?

How kind of you to remember! Sometimes my own mother used to forget…

But yes, I am.  This martini had no dairy.  I didn’t believe the bartender at first either, but then I watched him make it.  Dairy free AND delicious.

Overall, Vegas was great.  Next time I go back, I want to stay on the strip (we rented a house off the strip, which was smart because there were so many of us) and I want to go to a Cirque du Soleil show and do so much more hiking.

If anyone has any additional advice on what I should do next time I go, feel free to give me a shout! I’m always looking for new things to do.

Until next time- stay lucky and warm!



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