A Love Letter to Toilet Paper

This week, I was having a nice phone conversation with a fellow marketer when he asked me “If you had to pick one brand’s advertising as your favorite, which would it be?”  With no hesitation, and I mean NO HESITATION, I answered:


Yes, the toilet paper brand.  And yes, he laughed too, just like you probably did.

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for honesty and a great sense of humor.  (Sounds like I’m ready to marry this brand… You single, Charmin? 😉 )

But seriously.  Charmin is a toilet paper product brand.  They embrace this identity and use humor and a wicked pun-ability to infuse laughter into the bathroom. And usually, they don’t go straight for the actual potty humor.


Can we take a quick look at some of my favorites of theirs?  (I don’t own any of these ads/tweets, these are all Charmin Property)


Giant. Underwear.


Photo from Adweek Article (linked)


Need I say more?

I live about 5 minutes from the Charlotte Motor Speedway and during the 2013 race season, I was treated to this view anytime I drove to Concord Mills Mall from my house.  I think this ad is the reason I first fell in love with Charmin.  It’s so clever- Skidmarks?!? As in both cars AND underwear?!?  What an epic play on words and location and situation.  Unreally ideal and I’m in love.


Thor & TP


Photo from Adweek Article (linked)


It appears 2013 was an EPIC year for Charmin.  Someone find me the mind behind these ads and bring them to me.  Let me worship your brilliance.

Yes, this ad was deleted from twitter – probably for the play on the word a** (Sorry guys, my mom reads this blog…) and Asgardian. So, Charmin took down the tweet.  But not before the internet could capture it forever in all its glory.


For the longest time, I wanted to work for Charmin. (Still do, if someone from Charmin/P&G happens to be reading this and wants to hire me…)  And it’s all thanks to these incredibly clever and hilarious ads.


Bex… Why did you just blog about toilet paper advertisements?

Sometimes you have a bad week.  Sometimes your company goes through layoffs, and you lose a number of kind and hardworking coworkers, which sucks (even if you are still lucky enough to keep your job).  Sometimes your friends disappoint you.  Sometimes you suddenly develop crippling allergies to the sudden NC spring. Sometimes you have to do your taxes and owe a LOT of money.


During those times, you have to celebrate the things that make you laugh.  So-

Thank you, Charmin. 

Thanks for keeping my underwear free of skid marks and for being a great Asgardian. 

And thank you most of all for putting up a giant pair of underwear on the side of a racetrack and making me laugh (for four years and counting).


And a thank you to YOU for reading this week!

I’m going/went to the Twenty One Pilots concert in Greensboro on Saturday.  (I’m writing this on Friday, so the concert is tomorrow night for me… But this won’t post until Sunday, so the concert was yesterday for all of you…)  Maybe, just maybe, next week will be about my adventure to my first adult concert!


See you next Sunday!

Celebrate all the laughter this week ❤



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