That Time I Rode A Mechanical Bull…

Guys, Guys – Brian is back!  And we brought friends!



This week on the What wild/odd/crazy/fun thing has Bex done now? show we went on a Stoplight bar crawl!

What is a Stoplight Bar Crawl, Bex?

Well, dutiful reader, we wore colors depending on our relationship status.  Red if you’re in a relationship, yellow if it’s “complicated” (eye roll), and green if you’re single and ready to mingle.

Okay, I won’t lie to you, the stoplight part of the bar crawl was essentially pointless.  There had to be at least 2 other bar crawls going on last night.  It made it hard to see what colors other people were wearing and in typical millennial style, strangers didn’t really want to talk to each other.  Regardless – I still had a BLAST with my friends.



Triple C has to be one of my favorite breweries in Charlotte.  Until this weekend, I’ve not had a bad beer from there.  (Not that this weekend’s beer was bad… I’m just not a fan of sweet dessert beers.)  Triple C was having a beer reveal party for their new Chocolate covered pretzel beers.

I ordered the Coconut Chocolate covered pretzel beer.  Not a fan.  It was so oddly sweet and syrupy.  Brian ordered the new Mint Chocolate covered pretzel beer.  His beer was surprisingly refreshing.  I didn’t expect to like a minty beer, but it was definitely better than mine.  Lacey got the plain Chocolate covered pretzel beer and it was nice, dark and heavy with a chocolatey flavor.

Bex… What the heck is that?

I FORGOT TO TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES OKAY?  I didn’t want to embarrass my friends by snapping pictures of EVERYTHING…  To supplement the lack of pictures, my friends suggested I just sketch pictures instead.  I’m a terrible drawer, but apparently, that makes it all the better.



We went to about half a dozen bars so instead of crawling through them again– Let’s hit the highlights!


Flight Beer Garden and Music Hall

This stop had games! There was some giant Jenga outside and inside there were a number of board games.  We played a major throwback – Kerplunk!  (For those of you that don’t know, Kerplunk is the game where there are a bunch of little sticks intersecting a clear tube and you have to pull the sticks out and try not to get the marbles that are resting on top of the sticks to fall into your little cup.  The player with the least amount of marbles wins.)  I tied one game, lost one game.

Whiskey River




This was our last stop of the night and potentially the best.  I’ve never been much of a dancer, but last night was the ultimate blast.  I had a really great time dancing and listening to music WAY too loud.  (I’m pretty sure that I’m now partially deaf in my right ear…)  Probably my favorite stop of the night.


All-in-all, I don’t think I’ll go on another Stoplight Bar Crawl but I did discover a lot of new (to me) and awesome bars in CLT.

Bonus Points:  I met my parents for lunch the next day and they surprised me with Sangria… Hair of the dog, right?


I want to send a big thanks to my friends for going on adventures with me!  And an even bigger thanks to you guys for checking back in with me! I have an exciting week coming up with some special visitors coming to town. Check back next Sunday for more of my adventures!


Have fun this week!

And hey – get out there and discover somewhere new and cool in your city.




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