A Love Letter to Toilet Paper

This week, I was having a nice phone conversation with a fellow marketer when he asked me “If you had to pick one brand’s advertising as your favorite, which would it be?”  With no hesitation, and I mean NO HESITATION, I answered: Charmin Yes, the toilet paper brand.  And yes, he laughed too, just like [...]


Panic at the Parking Deck

You know, the city of Charlotte is a really beautiful and slightly eerie place at 6 AM.  The streets are quiet and pretty deserted.  The air is cool and undisturbed. Bex… Why were you in CLT at 6 AM?!?  Funny story.   As some of you know, I work in a marketing department for a [...]

That Time I Rode A Mechanical Bull…

Guys, Guys – Brian is back!  And we brought friends! This week on the What wild/odd/crazy/fun thing has Bex done now? show we went on a Stoplight bar crawl! What is a Stoplight Bar Crawl, Bex? Well, dutiful reader, we wore colors depending on our relationship status.  Red if you’re in a relationship, yellow if it’s “complicated” (eye roll), and green if you’re single [...]