Brian and Bex’s Great CLT Adventure: Whiskey Edition

Welcome back to the What wild/odd/crazy/fun thing has Bex done now? Show!  I’m your host Bex, and this week we have a guest star joining us: my very dear friend, Brian!  Say “Hi,” Brian!

I know you all can’t see him, but he smiled and waved. Because he’s friendly like that.


Brian is new to Charlotte, and while I grew up here, I wasn’t of legal age to explore some of the really incredible young adult entertainment that CLT has to offer.  I’ve taken it upon myself to find as many cool (and usually inexpensive) things to do as possible and drag Brian with me (as long as he’s not working).


This week, I found a really cool opportunity at the Great Wagon Road Distillery and their bar counterpart, Broken Spoke.  This Saturday, GWR/Broken Spoke was hosting a release party for their new whiskey – Quinn’s Barrel-Rested Poitin.


Now, I won’t lie to all of you nice people.  I don’t really know anything about whiskey, except that Brian really likes it.  I can tell you that the spirits at this Bar/Distillery were unbelievable.  I personally liked the options that were sweeter and smoother – I found them easier to drink.  (If you’re a whiskey aficionado, please don’t crucify me for my lack of knowledge.  I’m just here to tell you I had fun.)



The Broken Spoke was just a really cool place in its own right.  Deep leather chairs and couches, the kind you could just sink into for a really quality conversation with friends, furnished the bar – both upstairs and downstairs.


Just check out those chairs!
The bartenders were incredibly friendly.  They set us up with our flight and were super informative when explaining what we were getting to try.  (GUYS – I tried Moonshine for the first time at the Broken Spoke and it was really good!  I understand why moonshine is called White Lightning because WOW.  I can now cross that one off my bucket list.)



Brian and I also took a tour of the Great Wagon Road distillery while we were helping them celebrate their new whiskey.

I’ve been on a lot of distillery/brewery tours and this one was one of the best I’ve been on.  Our guide was kind and funny and totally personable and the distillery was beautiful.  It may sound odd for me to compliment a distillery on its equipment and barrels, but it’s not as odd as if I were complimenting a human on their equipment and barrels. 😉

At the end of our tour, we got to sample the new whiskey as well as wax seal our own bottles (that we purchased, of course).  Being more of a whiskey drinker than I, Brian bought and sealed his own whiskey bottle while I listened to Ollie Mulligan, the real spirit behind the spirits.


Brian got a fancy tasting cup
It doesn’t take long, listening to Ollie, to realize that crafting these whiskeys and spirits is his thing.  I could feel the inner nerd in me shining through as I came up with more and more questions, as well as listened to others asking questions, all of which he was more than happy to answer. (DID YOU KNOW: They have to taste EVERY SINGLE whiskey barrel for quality?  Each barrel is made by hand and is likely to be a little bit different than its brothers and sisters so every one has to be tasted before the whiskey is removed. Fun Facts with Bex.)



We really got these chocolates while on our tour – but GOODNESS they deserved their own blog category.  I’m not a huge whiskey drinker, but my oh my these chocolates.  I tasted some of the whiskey filled chocolates that they offer at GWR Distillery and I never ever want plain chocolates ever again.  [Future SO, please take notes.]

Heaven in a box

All in all, our Whiskey adventure was a real success.  I loved the Broken Spoke and the Great Wagon Road Distillery was really excellent.

Bonus points: For all of my CLT people, it was right between Sugar Creek Brewing and OMB (two of Brian and my favorites – I’m sure they’ll appear in the blog again eventually) and it was super easy to hop over to OMB for some food and a beer before moving on to the rest of our adventure. (We saw Split, the new M. Night Shyamalan movie – WOWZER it was good, and I hate scary movies.  I could go on forever about this but I’ve already said enough for today.)


Thanks for coming on our adventure with us this week.  I hope you enjoyed your time with Brian because I’m sure he’ll be back with us on more CLT adventures.

Alright everyone, say “Bye” to Brian (for now)!


Until next week –


Check out the Great Wagon Road Distilling Company/The Broken Spoke’s website and be sure to go in and try some of those chocolates.  If nothing else, buy some chocolates.


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