Bex, the Girl who Lived

Hey Guys, just for the rest of this blog post I’m going to perform a little magic on you.  We’re going to briefly forget EVERYTHING political going on for the next 500-ish words.

No, Good sir/madam – I am not avoiding the inauguration or the Women’s Marches happening all around the world.  I’m letting them breathe for now.  And giving you all a chance to hear about something else a bit more magical.


So, with no further ado –


Hey Guys – I did something magnificently magical this weekend and if you live in or near Charlotte, you need to hear about it.  Every third Friday of each month, my local children’s science museum, Discovery Place, hosts an adults-only 21+ night they call “Science on the Rocks”, each with a different theme.  This month’s theme was Harry Potter.  And it was


I could go on for hours about all the incredible activities that were available, but instead, I’ll just highlight the most important ones.



The Sorting Hat was kind enough to take a brief sabbatical from its seat in the Headmaster’s office at Hogwarts to come and sort all of us poor Muggles who never received their letters to Hogwarts or Ilvermorny (the American school of witchcraft and wizardry) on our 11th birthdays. (Oh god, my nerd is showing…)

Believe me when I say this was the most stressful part of my night.  Not unlike Harry during his sorting, I found myself wishing for any house but one. (No, I will not tell you which one…)  I don’t think I’ve ever identified with an 11-year-old fictional protagonist more than in that moment. It also didn’t help my stress levels when the hat almost fell off…


Good news fellow witches and wizards! I was sorted Ravenclaw – my high levels of intelligence and sharp wit made it easy for the hat to decide. Clearly.




I branded myself, guys.  Less permanent (and less painful) than my real tattoo – don’t worry.  This one washed off at the end of the night.

Given the choice between a lightning bolt “scar” on our foreheads and the Dark Mark on our forearms, my friend and I chose to take a dip in the dark side and get matching Dark Marks.  Let me tell you, the Koolaid wasn’t terrible.



I had a really incredible time at Science on the Rocks this month.  From the Sorting, to learning some Hogwarts Hand lettering from Skill Pop, to “Dragon’s Breath Popcorn” (which was magical popcorn that made you blow smoke) – it’s hard to believe there were still activities that we didn’t get to do! (The lines were INCREDIBLY long, so not magical…)

But I’m happy to report that we didn’t get ourselves killed, or worse – expelled.



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