Balloons, Birthdays, & Baking – Oh my!


4 years ago this week, I found myself at the local grocery store buying balloons and cheesecake for my college roommate’s birthday.  (S/O to my college roommate: Happy Birthday, Roomie!)

Armed with my balloons and birthday goodies, I was waiting in line at the checkout and that’s when I saw him.  He was older than me (he was buying beer; I wasn’t yet legal) and I thought he was cute.  I glanced over a second time and he was looking at me, staring even.


At this point, I’m floating.  This cute, older guy is smiling at me.  I move on, too chicken to say anything to him, and as I hand my birthday goodies and balloons to the clerk, I realize that my hair was standing straight up, attached to the balloons with static cling.

He wasn’t SMILING at me. He was LAUGHING at me.

But Bex, that’s not that bad. Once you left the store, you probably never saw him again!


I go back to school, armed with enough sugar to jack up an entire elementary school. (I won’t lie, a lot of the cookies I bought were for me alone…) We’re celebrating my roommate’s birthday and I’m enjoying cookies and this photo is taken and posted by one of my friends:


What’s so special about the photo? Nothing.  Nothing except that photo is how he found me.  The cute grocery store boy found me via a mutual friend we had on social media.

I’d love to tell you that this meet cute led to a wonderful date during which we fell madly in love and are going to grow old together, but I’d be lying.  Maybe I’ll tell you that story one day, but for now, you must be content with knowing it involved a scary movie (that I didn’t want to watch), and a run-in with a drunk, boxer-clad classmate who wanted to show off how he could drink a beer with his feet.  There were shamrocks on the boxers, it was a real treat.


Speaking of treats, and in honor of the cookie photo that connected me with one of the most interesting experiences of my undergrad career, I have a cookie post for you.

This week, as promised, I made some Chocolate Chip Tea cookies from the Brown Eyed Baker’s blog.  She is amazing and these cookies were seriously simple.

One hint about these cookies: Eat them with some hot tea or coffee.  They melt in your mouth.

Instead of trying to tell you how to do this, I’m going to direct you to the real recipe because BEB does a great job on her own.  Please check out the BrownEyedBaker’s blog for the official recipe and instructions, trust me it’s worth it.

Until next time,



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